Employment law

We assist both employees as employers with redundancy procedures, salary claims, reorganisations, negotiations, occupational accidents, occupational health law, etc. All imaginable disputes in the field of employment law is familiar territory to Loos & Boukema advocaten. You can also ask us for advice with respect to employment contracts, reduction of working hours, etc. LLM Boukema has worked as a clerk at the civil sector for many years before becoming a lawyer. In this capacity she has acquired a lot of experience in terms of employment law and she has continued to specialise herself further in that field during her time as a lawyer. She is a member of the VvA (Vereniging voor Arbeidsrecht, Union for Employment Law).

Quick and adequate service
Currently there are quite some reorganisations and people are regularly made redundant. There is also an increasing need for flexible contracts and partnerships. In this type of situations, employment law plays an essential role. Since we are specialised in employment law, we can quickly and adequately be of service to you in various situations. For example, in events of disputes regarding contracts, employment conditions, but we would also like to assist you in case of individual and collective redundancies. Due to the latest legislative changes in the area of employment law, a lot has changed in this area of law for both employer and employee. Naturally LLM Boukema is aware of the most recent developments and she can provide you with good advice and assist you on this.

Knowledge of various issues
Employment law is a complex law that regularly changes. That is why we are constantly being informed about these changes and are fully immersed in various issues. Therefore, we are always aware of the latest developments and the employment law does not contain surprises for us. Therefore, we are able to provide you with the best possible service, with all kinds of issues in this field.

We pursue your goal
We ensure that your goal is pursued in an effective and pragmatic way. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can develop an effective strategy that matches your situation and that will help you achieve your goal. Our clear, quick and effective working method usually leads to significant costs savings. We also ensure that you are constantly kept informed on the efforts we make on your behalf, so you know exactly where you stand and what the current status is. Do not wait any longer and contact Loos & Boukema advocaten as soon as possible for professional tailor-made advice in the field of employment law.