Private and family law

Visitation rights, divorces, alimony procedures or estate settlement, Loos and Boukema advocaten is the right place. LLM Boukema, LLM Sprenkeling or LLM Gerson will handle your private and family law case. The initial approach will be to try not to let matters escalate. Nobody benefits from a messy divorce especially when there are children involved. Nevertheless, our lawyers are right behind their client and they have a keen eye for the interests of the client.

Anything but a superficial settlement
Anything but a superficial settlement of your situation, that is what you can expect from us. We ensure that clear agreements are reached in an effective manner, with which you are fully satisfied. Your situation is probably already complicated and unpleasant enough and a prolonged legal case is the last thing you need. Since we use our common sense and our knowledge and experience, we usually know how to achieve the desired result.

We offer constant clarity
Before we start on your case, we thoroughly investigate your situation. By carefully listening to everyone’s wishes and interests and by asking targeted questions we are able to quickly and fully assess your situation. Based on this, we make clear agreements. We prepare a targeted action plan that we will carefully implement. We will always give you the required clarity and regularly inform you about the current state of affairs.

Quick and successful completion
With great enthusiasm we strive to realise your wishes and to achieve the predefined goals. If requested, we will go through the whole procedure with you, so every situation can be completed quickly and successfully. If you make an appointment today with one of our specialists in the field of private and family law, we can quickly be of service to you and immediately represent you.