Real estate law

With respect to the purchase/sale of real estate, building law, rent issues, disputes with a contractor (or as contractor with the client) such as additional work or performance of contract work, apartment law (including all issues regarding the Association of Owners), and other cases related to real estate, you can be assisted by Loos & Boukema advocaten. LLM Loos is specialised in real estate law. For many years he has been assisting (associations of) owners with disputes regarding the purchase or sale of their house, disputes with the contractor, neighbours, etc. LLM Loos is also chief editor of the well-known trade journal Rechtspraak Vastgoedrecht Praktisch bewerkt. He followed the specialist course Real Estate at the Grotius Academy and he is a member of the Vereniging Vastgoed Juristen (VVJ) (Association Real Estate Lawyers).

Transparent approach
We understand like nobody else that there is a lot at stake with the purchase/sale or rental/letting of real estate. Thanks to our specialisation in real estate law, we are familiar with the regulation and we know exactly how to deal with all kinds of occurring situations in this field. Because we like clarity, you can expect a transparent approach from us that matches your situation. With good agreements and clear communication, we provide a pleasant cooperation, that lead to the desired results.

We would like to be of service to you
We will effectively pursue the goal you have set. We will ensure that you receive the best possible service for an honest price for your issue in the field of real estate law. By using short lines, you can directly contact the right person. Either by phone or e-mail, or during a meeting at our office. As specialists in real estate we gladly be of service to you. Do not hesitate and inquire about the possibilities that we can offer you.